Forget shop till you drop -It’s all about experiences

Western culture has always been fond of the idea of consumption. But lately people’s behaviours have changed. Millennials have chosen a different path, and brands are suffering while trying to deliver exceptional and unique products to consumers.

Shopping itself won’t be going anywhere anytime soon, as our whole modern culture has been based on trading for the past centuries. It’s the shopping habits that are changing. More and more consumers browse products online, as they see store hopping too time consuming for their busy lives. This has already taken down many retailers and many are struggling with their high street shops.

The main question is – How to thrive during the age of web shopping? The golden rule is to focus on experiences. People like to see more lifestyle options and style combinations. Personal shoppers and stylist services are still highly valued, and can make the consumer feel important. Curated, personalised newsletters and special events for loyal customers can make them more committed to the brand.

These days consumers want to know the origin of the products they’re interested. Human rights, ecological perspectives and processes are the key for gaining customers trust. For this, technology is at the centre for enabling tracking, and social media is the vehicle for transparent brand storytelling.