Re-Designing bike safety accessories

Every year thousands of people get injured in traffic accidents. Most of them don’t use safety equipments. So why is it so hard to take care of your safety while commuting? Of course it’s an issue if you need to carry safety items with you the whole day. Also the items on the market don’t look so good that you’d like to wear them constantly.But world is changing and in the last few years many companies have been selling more and more equipments that look more fun. So safety is becoming an style issue. A way of standing out in heavy traffic.


Color and style can make it better

Helmets aren’t usually seen as style accessories. Some of the helmets on the market are looking more stylish, but they lack fun. This helmet was inspired by Japanese capybara drawings. It looks fun and also has a small camera attached to it. In some cases this could help to figure out what caused an accident. Or if you’d like to take timelapse while biking around town this could be a fun way of doing it.



Reflectors and lights are an easy way to keep you safe. What if you could combine both reflector and ligh in funny way. With this bike light you’ll be travelling way above the rush hour like E.T. would.